The Guests Are Too Entralled by the System

The recent addition of my ADT Brooklyn security system caused a big commotion at my most recent gathering. People were impressed by the system and wanted to have one of their own. I thought everyone else besides me had a system, but I guess not. They like hearing the system react whenever someone opened the doors. They also liked looking at the security footage that was being recorded by the cameras. When I told them that I could even look at the footage on my phone and showed them, they went crazy with excitement.

Since the system was so popular, I had a hard time getting all of the guests out of my home when I wanted to end the party. It was the weirdest thing that I had ever seen. I didn’t even care about having the guests stay to help me clean up. I just wanted to get them out of the house so that I could rest. The next day, some of the guests showed up at my home and wanted to hang out with me. I couldn’t because I had some errands to run, but they volunteered to come along with me and help me with the errands, something they’ve never done before.

I was tempted to let them come along, but I really wanted to just be alone while running my errands, so I declined. I’ve never seen anyone willingly volunteer to help someone just so they could see a security system. After I was done with my errands, more people showed up at my home again. I pretended that I wasn’t home and stayed as quiet as possible, hoping they would go away like the random people that knock on my door during the weekends to hand out fliers. They stood out there for a whole hour.