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Caring for the Environment When Driving Careful driving contributes to a safe environment. In fact, the less people drive, the less congestion we have. The same causes less emissions in the environment. Of course, driving is the most popular cause for polluting the environment. People in the US drive on daily basis. Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compound this assertion. Emissions from driving contribute to global warming in major ways. The effect is also observed in small scale pollution. In urban centers-towns, cities, and townships-, emissions from driving create smog. Trapping of driving emissions in urban centers forms smog. It affects the quality of air in these areas. Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons that cause a low level ozone layer after reacting with sunlight are products of car exhausts. Carbon dioxide is another product entailed in car emissions. It increases global warming. Other products include the gasoline. This happens during the hottest times of the day and year. Another factor that increases production of gasoline is when a car runs hot. Information from EPA Compounds these figures.
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Driving a car also burn fuel to produce other forms of fuel. It produces a bigger portion of emissions. Going to petrol stations to refill tanks increases the emissions of gasoline. The productions account for at least 19% through the life cycle of a car. The process of manufacturing a car while extracting raw materials also contributes to increased emissions.
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Better driving habits will ensure that driving takes place in a safe environment. Driving in clusters/pools is one such behavior. It could be with co-workers whenever possible. People seeking driving in a pool can also be sought. Such people can be found on websites. Take care of the cleanliness of your car always. It helps in removing unnecessary load from the car to avoid it burning excessively. Refraining from idling and having plans is another way to save on fuel production. In fact, it increases effectiveness of using the car. Open windows serve to cool the car instead of air conditioners. It is also essential to look for a hitherto SmartWay certification when interested in buying a new one. The Green Vehicle Guide list these vehicles on EPA’S website. The guide ranks cars from 1 through to 10. The best vehicles get number 10 and the rest decrease to 1 being the least. Those ranked at 10 are the best in terms of fuel consumption. Regular inspection of the car is another good habit. It is a feature of car maintenance. Going for alternatives to driving is also better. Urban dwellers can pursue these options effectively. Avoid driving a travel using PSV’s. Less emission will be produced due to less vehicles on the road. Other people can cycle or simply walk. The alternatives also reduce congestion of traffic. It also minimizes the need for additional parking spaces. Adjusting to these measures helps in minimizing health effects caused by careless driving. People are safe from temporary decreases in lung capacity, acute respiratory problems and inflammation of lung tissue.